Flowers Design Coffee Spoon Stainless Steel Reusable Tea spoons

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Different flower designs, each flower spoon has its own difference. and elegant flower pattern  Stainless steel material, durable, clean, and sanitary. These spoons are designed for different flower patterns, like rose, sakura, pansy, sunflower, and heart-shaped. The simple and delicate design perfectly matches with your cutlery and cups.



  •  The total length of spoons is around 4.9 inches, the spoon head is around 1.1 inches x 1.1 inches, portable and light-weight size, very convenient to store or carry out.
  • All teaspoons are designed for different flower patterns: Sun Flower, Plum Blossom, Sakura, Pansy, Balloon Flower, Cosmos Flower, Sunflower, Rose, and Balloon Flower.
  • Stainless steel mixing spoon, durable and elegant with mirror polish. It’s also easy to maintain, dishwasher safe, and convenient to clean.
  • Elegant high-end handles with smooth edges, more comfortable to use. Besides, it’s suitable for mixed drinks such as lemonade, iced tea, iced coffee, milkshake, root beer festoon, jellies, coffee stirring, ice cream, tea, small snacks, etc; These fashion design spoons are suitable for home, coffee shop and tea shop use.
  • We provide lifelong protection for all our customers. If you have any dissatisfaction, we guarantee that we will provide you with a lifetime return/exchange service.